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Happy 80th Anniversary, JK Adams!

JK Adams marks its upcoming 80th anniversary with a promising new CEO and a heartwarming philanthropic venture





As JK Adams gears up to celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2024, the renowned, Vermont-based manufacturer of American-made wooden housewares has doubled down on its commitment to quality craftsmanship and conscientious business practices. Building on an established reputation of excellence, JK Adams is paving the path towards future success while honoring the deeply-held Vermont values that have defined their business since its earliest years. Working with every bit as much diligence as the skilled craftspeople at their flagship location in Dorset, Vermont, the executive staff at JK Adams is going above and beyond to ensure the beloved brand’s continued prosperity and relevance for years to come—and giving back to the Vermont community in beautiful ways.

In March 2023, JK Adams welcomed Adam Sigel as its new CEO. A New England native, Sigel has served as an executive at consumer goods companies across the nation. In a notable coincidence, Sigel collaborated with JK Adams on a co-branded line of wood and slate cheese boards while working at the luxury tableware, gifts, and accessories brand, Mariposa. After transitioning from his last position as Vice President of the Savannah Bee Company, he took the reins at JK Adams with pride and enthusiasm. Sigel is grateful to be able lead the celebrated wooden housewares institution into this new era, and is looking forward to growing the business as it adapts to the demands of shifting consumer markets.

Sigel’s new role finds him at the helm of a company with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation. As a noted leader in the production of high-quality products made from North American hardwoods, JK Adams’ dedication to environmental sustainability is reflected in its net zero-waste facility and ongoing collaborations with local suppliers. Today, JK Adams serves nearly 4,000 independent retailers. They also operate a custom manufacturing and private-label business that caters to major national brands and retailers. Their internal design department helps beautiful designs come to life for their clients, and the JK Adams flagship kitchen store in Dorset continues to be a popular destination for visiting enthusiasts and native Vermonters alike.

In addition to crafting beautiful wooden products, JK Adams has also built strong bridges of philanthropic support within the Vermont community. Several months after Sigel was appointed as CEO, JK Adams was contacted in August 2023 by Bear Pond Books of Montpelier. Their inquiry centered around the recently-sustained damages to their store as a result of the tragic July 2023 floods. Bear Pond Books was looking to rebuild—and kindly contacted JK Adams to inquire if the company would be willing to produce wooden category signs for their newly-stocked shelves.

Upon receiving the inquiry, JK Adams was excited to participate in any manner it could. They offered to donate their craftsmanship and time as a gesture of kindness to Bear Pond Books, a bookstore that plays a vital role in the Montpelier business community. Sean Osborne, Creative Director at JK Adams, personally delivered over 50 American cherry wood signs in September 2023. In a show of true Vermont collaboration, JK Adams and Bear Pond Books reflected the ethical foundation of Vermont’s spirit — where communities, businesses, and families come together in trying times.

Jess Turner, the events coordinator at Bear Pond Books, noted, “When JK Adams heard that we lost all of our interior signs in the July flood, they didn’t hesitate to offer their help. Now we have these gorgeous signs that add so much soul back into our rebuilt store. We’re so moved by this generosity of time and spirit from a fellow Vermont business. It’s truly what living and working here is all about— feeling like we’re all in it together.”

JK Adams was thrilled to participate in this community endeavor, and was grateful to be able to bring likeminded businesses and people together to rebuild Vermont

stronger than ever.


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