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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Advice from baking experts on the very best pumpkin recipes

When the heat of summer finally fades, we look forward to the crisp feeling of cool fall evenings. The chill in the air means baking season is beginning in earnest. Lower temperatures are as good a reason as any to start our ovens and fill our kitchens with the scent of melted butter, sugar, and spices. But there’s an even more compelling reason why bakers await autumn so eagerly: pumpkin.

Of all the ingredients that fill the farmers market in late September and onwards, pumpkin is one of the iconic harbingers of the season. Earthy and flavorful, pumpkin can shine equally in sweet and savory recipes. It’s robust enough to partner with a slew of fragrant spices, like the now-classic “pumpkin spice blend” of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

Over at King Arthur Flour, our test kitchens are busier than ever in the fall. Every surface is dusted with flour, cutting boards are covered in scraps of pie dough, and tins of sugar stand at the ready. As the holidays approach, our phones ring off the hook: customers call and message us nonstop with their baking queries and dilemmas.

We love answering every question, whether it’s about making a flakier pie crust or troubleshooting a molasses cookie recipe. Guiding bakers in the kitchen by offering tips and gently providing expertise to bolster their confidence is one of our greatest joys—and our mission.

But our favorite question of all? Recipe inspiration! Everyone wants to make the perfect pumpkin recipe for fall, and we’re happy to weigh in. Our classic pumpkin pie—spicy and rich with a lusciously smooth filling—is a perennial favorite in our kitchens. Harvest pumpkin scones come together in a snap, and freeze beautifully so you can pull them out and bake them at a moment’s notice for warm breakfasts on cold days. For an easy and quick breakfast, our pumpkin pancakes are on heavy rotation; we add pumpkin to a basic batter for a seasonal twist that adds both flavor and a beautiful golden color.

With so many options, it’s impossible to go wrong. Pick any pumpkin recipe and get ready to savor a taste of the season, from scratch.

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